Small Enough to Carry ,big enough to ride.and easy on your bank account .
Meet OULOO-BX ,The World's flyest commuter e-bike

Why Ride When You Can Fly ?

“But What If  Commuting didn't have to be  such a chore ? What if it could actually be ...Fun?

Your Commute just got fun

The train is late—again—and when it finally pulls into the station, it’s packed with so many sweaty faces you have to suck in your stomach just to squeeze inside. 

Road construction has brought morning traffic to a standstill. As you count your breaths to distract yourself from the meeting you know started five minutes ago, you look out your window wistfully at the motorcycles weaving across the asphalt, slicing between cars like a cocky knife through butter.

After carrying your fixed-gear bike down three flights of stairs and taking the bridge, you’ve finally arrived at the office. You’re not sure whether that feeling tickling your chest is pride, or the slow waterfall of sweat that has staked a claim on your button-up.

If you’re like most city commuters, these scenes are all too familiar. On a good day, your commute might be tolerable. On a bad day, it’s enough to make you want to pack up and move into a yurt somewhere in

 the desert. 

But what if commuting didn’t have to be such a chore? What if it could actually be … fun?

Meet OULOO-BX, a new breed of collapsible e-bike—easy on the eyes, your wallet, and your sanity.

How is OULOO-BX  different from other e-bikes?
- Glad you asked

  • 1
    Small in stature, big in attitude. OULOO-BX boasts just as much power as its competitors, at a fraction of the size (and cost)
  • 2
    No road left untraveled—with 12-inch wheels and superior rear suspension, OULOO-BX can ride anywhere your commute takes you
  • 3
    Power seat—An angled saddle not only means greater comfort, but also greater pedal power and stability.

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